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Climate Change

New York Tackles Climate Change

The annual NY Climate Week (leaves DEC website) will be held September 23-29, 2019.

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Impacts of Climate Change

Undesirable climate change impacts frequently outweigh the possible benefits. Impacts are projected for public health, natural resources, agriculture, transportation, tourism, water supply and quality, public infrastructure, energy, and many other sectors.

Mitigation of Climate Change

Choices we make now can reduce greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and diversify our economy.

Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is already occurring, and some additional change is inevitable. New York is adapting to new conditions and preparing for these changes to protect its citizens and reduce the costs of recovery.

Community Action on Climate

The Climate Smart Communities program provides support and assistance for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and climate adapation at the local level.

Climate Change Information Sources

A list of useful web pages where you may find additional information about climate, greenhouse gases, and global warming.

More about Climate Change: