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Website Usage and Policies

DEC often receives requests to reproduce or incorporate work created by its employees or contractors, including work displayed on this website. Most of these requests support the department's mission by increasing public attention or exposure to DEC messages, and are readily granted.

Some uses of DEC work, however, could imply that the department sponsors or supports a non-affiliated entity. The web content usage policy is intended to allow most uses, while identifying and rejecting inappropriate requests.

DEC Web Content Usage Policy

DEC work may be reproduced or used by other entities in ways that are consistent with the department's mission and the purpose for which the work was originally created. Accordingly, it is the department's policy to:

  • Encourage other entities to distribute and use DEC work for educational purposes
  • Protect DEC's interest in the work of its employees and contractors from infringement
  • Protect DEC work from misuse
  • Protect DEC from being misrepresented by the implication of department support or sponsorship for projects or entities that use DEC work
  • Keep work that was created with public funding available to the public without charge
  • Discourage resale of work created with public funding
  • Protect the public from misinformation

Any DEC division or region can grant a request for permission to use DEC work, in writing and in accordance with the provisions of this policy, as long as the division can determine that the department owns rights to the work requested. The DEC web usage policy includes a usage request form (PDF) (15 KB) that describes DEC's process for determining rights ownership and granting usage rights.

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